Frequently asked questions


What is the minimum amount of products i can purchase?

We accept orders starting at a minimum of 40 units per variety. You can select the products from our online catalogue or download it here). If, however, you have a one time order for a special occasion, contact us.

How long can i expect to wait until i have my order delivered?

Our products are made when there is an order to fullfil, to ensure the maximum freshness and flavour. Make an order 10 days in advance. On the first purchase, we will send an invoice and as soon as you order is confirmed, it will be shipped.

What do you recommend having in my hotel room?

Our experience tells us that you should have, at least, 4 products per room, since it gives a better chance to improve the whole experience of your guest and your profit. For a hotel with 100 rooms, you should consider an order of 400 units.

What is the shelf life of the products?

Shelf life varies from 3 to 10 months. See the individual product page to know the exact shelf life.

Are NoFork boxes safe and durable?

We know it's important for hotels to offer exclusive products that are practical and safe. That's why we created boxes that allow you to see the product without opening, through a lateral opening. If you wish, we can also seal the boxes on top with a custom tag. We selected a high quality laminated paper, that gives the boxes resistance and durability.

How are orders delivered?

All orders can be checked through our distribution partners, so we can guarantee that the deliveries arrive in time to our costumers.

What is the size of NoFork boxes?

Size and convenience are very important when it comes to minibar products. To make life easier for hotel managers, we use high quality laminated paper on our boxes. The size of these boxes varies by type, being 75x75x75mm for 75g products and 150x75x75mm for the 150g and 190g. To make storage easier, they are delivered in 20 unit packs, properly identified. These boxes allow to better control the hotel provisioning and are ideal to distribute by floor or apartment according to the number of rooms in each.

What kind of payment is accepted?

It's simple. Every new order should be paid in full with a bank transfer matching the according sent invoice. After the first order, all others can be negotiated, contact us to talk business.

For more information or advice, send us a mail to
info@nofork.pt or contact us directly through +351 962 815186